Selected reviews & feature articles

Selected reviews and feature articles

  • Sascha T. Löffler and Karsten Meyer
    Comprehensive Coordination Chemistry III (CCC-III) 2019
    Referenc Module in Chemistry, Molecular Science and Chemical Engineering  2019, Vol. 9842. get it here
  • Henry S. La Pierre and Karsten Meyer
    Activation of Small Molecules by Molecular Uranium Complexes
    Progress Inorganic Chemistry 2014, Vol. 58, 303416. get it here
  • J. Hohenberger, K. Ray and K. Meyer
    The Biology and Chemistry of High-Valent Iron Oxo and Nitrido Complexes
    Nat. Commun. 2012, 3, Article number 720. get it here
  • A.R. Fox, S.C. Bart, K. Meyer and C.C. Cummins
    Towards Uranium Catalysts
    Nature 2008, 455, 341–349. get it here
  • S.C. Bart and K. Meyer
    Highlights in Uranium Coordination Chemistry
    Structure & Bonding 2008, 127, 119–176. get it here